Specialty Systems

Designed to meet the exacting demands of Counter Terrorist Forces, Special Forces and Police Tactical Units. Our target systems are fully integrated within a special range complex to provide realistic training and feedback under the most demanding circumstances.

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The VTS enables instinctive and reactive live fire combat shooting training based on video simulation technology. This immersive system enables tailored scenarios to be developed to hone cognitive and physical close quarter combat skills. The system is highly accurate and can be linked with environmental effects to reproduce the rigor of counter terror or special policing duties. The system has the ability to provide detailed reconstructive after action reviews.



ATS works with industry leading partners to provide realistic and state of the art training systems for the marksman. Robot target systems are given pre-orchestrated commands with specific scenarios that can also be generated.

These robot target systems are operated remotely and can be paired with multiple robots operating in a random avoidance mode within a confined area to provide superior realism in training. The robotic targets can roam freely and once shot will become immobilised and send messages to others triggering them to scatter and run for cover.

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