June 27, 2018 djscanlon

ATS – Deciding on the target composition

Similar to other businesses ATS Staff strive to achieve a particular Core Value which is “the relentless pursuit of excellence and professionalism”. In following this Core Value ATS Staff are continually assessing and searching for alternate product compositions and dimensions that are suitable for the end user’s needs.

Product compositions vary from steel through to paper and provide the end user / firer / combatant with the necessary feedback and accuracy that will enable them to perform their role.

ATS Targetry is designed as a complete system process that aligns with software, hardware and ultimately the visual display unit. The economic debate for the Targetry can be analysed through headings such as survivability, weight, feedback to firer, size, realism, cost and recyclability.

In the search for suitable products ATS will focus on engineering and design rigour, environmental critical aspects and economics to allow the combatant with the best possible products to perfect their marksmanship skill.