Releasing a shot with exacting precision is only part of the live fire combat conditioning process. Being able to also engage a target regardless of the operating environment forms a critical component of the training and preparedness continuum. The Training Support Equipment (TSE) offered by ATS enables trainers to create immersive live fire environments that merge practical shooting skills within a simulated operational context.

The ATS TSE has been designed to aid in the development of life saving combat behaviours that can be applied in any operational environment. The ballistically safe ATS TSE enables the focused technical practice of shooting from, through or around a variety of cover and concealment options.  The TSE also enables the creation of operationally complex scenarios that require coordinated fire and movement as well as introducing cognitive considerations.

The range of TSE offered by ATS includes:

  • Full size plastic cars and SUVs.
  • Shoot through “crazy” walls.
  • Room facade packs – walls, windows and doors.
  • Wall texture decals – brick, concrete, corrugated iron and timber cladding.
  • Mannequins – “drop head” and vital zone hit detection.
  • Furniture – tables, couches, desks, chairs.
  • Target posts and stands.