Live Fire Range in a Box (LFRiB)

The LFRiB is a readily deployable, ballistically contained, live fire indoor range that enables the conduct of basic through to advanced live fire training using a world leading interactive scenario and graphics based Video Target System (VTS).

The LFRiB is a 40ft shipping container that has been customised to create a highly advanced, no danger area (NDA), indoor live fire range capable of firing 9mm and 5.56mm ammunition. Internally, the LFRiB provides an adaptable immersive training environment that can accommodate multiple firers and coaching staff. Basic shooting skills are facilitated using standard target layouts with training progression achieved using reactionary target formats to enhance speed and accuracy. Highly realistic video based scenarios are projected to develop a firer’s cognitive engagement skills, with feedback on shooting performance provided via a thermal projectile location system, exposure to engagement time splits and video playback capabilities. User developed video scenarios are easily created and integrated.

Projectile containment is achieved using a twin steel helical bullet trap that provide exceptional longevity and greatly reduced maintenance overheads, in comparison to granulate rubber traps. The internal walls are ballistically lined and cladded in fire resistant layer to prevent ricochet and to provide acoustic dampening. The HVAC system maintains constant air flow and a negative pressure to ensure that lead, smoke and airborne particulate are moved away from the firer. All air passes through a 95 – 99.97% High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter rack before it is exhausted outside.

The LFRiB can be trailer mounted or positioned permanently or semi permanently to provide convenience and flexibility for the end user. The LFRiB can be tailored to meet specific user capability requirements. A full spectrum next generation range capability that offers a safe and immersive live fire training environment in a highly deployable package.