ATS Environmental Services is an organic extension of ATS Core business and is designed to support land use activities and conservation strategies through the delivery of niche services across both the built and natural environment. A fundamental focus of ATS Environmental Services is to raise the bar in terms of service delivery, efficiency and effectiveness. Services include:

  • Ballistic management strategies and environmental impact mitigation;
  • Lead management regimes and control measures;
  • Acoustic management plans in accordance with EPA Guidelines;
  • Live fire training area maintenance, operation and management; and
  • Humane Macropod management and vertebrate pest control.

ATS maintains a fulltime professional shooting cadre who are integrated across technical service areas to deliver precision environmental services in a humane, safe and discreet manner. Highly skilled and equipped with cutting edge quality assured equipment and processes, these exceptionally well-trained shooters and field operators are hand selected and to deliver nationally accredited outcomes. Their detailed appreciation of ballistic characteristics is equally matched with their ability to understand environmental management objectives, ensuring that each shot is synchronised within a holistic and environmentally sustainable construct.