Steel targets form a critical part of the live fire training continuum due to the immediate feedback provided to the firer. ATS steel targets have been designed to develop the essential combat skills of rapid sight alignment, recoil management, speed and accuracy. Steel also enables trainers to place firers under pressure using timed engagements and competitions between shooters.

ATS has taken steel targets to the next level through the development of the deployable pneumatic Reactive Target Range (RTR) controlled by the world leading Advanced Range Management System (AROS). Designed to push the upper limits of reactionary and instinctive shooting skills, the RTR raises and lowers multiple steel paddles within a fraction of a second and provides timed exposures, as well as recording hits and misses via a hand held tablet.

For combined arms live fire training, ATS also provides full size three dimensional steel armoured fighting vehicle targets; where upon a direct hit, the splash provides realistic and immediate feedback to tank crews.

Developed specifically to meet the exacting safety and design requirements of the Australian Defence Force, the ATS steel target product range is the longest lasting and best quality on the market.