ATS is Australia’s most experienced live fire target systems business, with a history that dates back to the 1950’s. Today ATS is the dominant provider of live fire target systems to the Australian Defence Force and in the past five years has expanded significantly to deliver its proven expertise to a wider international customer base as military, police and other government organisations seek to evolve their capabilities to meet the demands of an increasingly lethal and complex threat environment.

Every Australian soldier that has deployed on active combat operations over the past decade has used target systems installed by ATS. This sense of operational purpose, a commitment to those who put others before self and a relentless pursuit of excellence is what drives us!


ATS exists to enhance the judicious lethality and survivability of the combatant during live fire engagements. We believe that our capability focused approach delivers the essential ingredient needed to prepare for the rigours of combative live fire operational environments. By combining the skills of ex-military and law enforcement professionals with the know-how of highly skilled software and hardware engineers, ATS is able to integrate the best leading edge live fire training systems available to deliver the most advanced and immersive live fire training environments in the world.

There is no other Australian company that can provide such a full spectrum live fire training capability.


ATS operates from the following locations:

  • Canberra, ACT & Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia – Headquarters
  • Albury, NSW, Australia – Products and Services
  • Currawang, NSW
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE