Combined Arms Range in a Box (CARiB)

The CARiB enables a full spectrum of threat targets to be engaged from the ground and air. ATS has developed a suite of rugged portable and fixed target mechanisms designed to simulate moving and static armoured fighting vehicles, Infantry and other ground-based threats found on the modern battlefield. The world leading Advanced Range Operating System (AROS) accommodates standard gunnery practices or can be customised to achieve complex combined arms scenarios, facilitating unit level live fire training and performance evaluation.

Targets can be fitted with a Projectile Location System (PLS) that detects heavy machine gun, tank, and aircraft rounds and immediately relays shot information back to the firer, saving time and ammunition costs. The system can record and display up to 6000 rounds a minute with target engagements only limited by the range of the weapon system being employed. Once the range is established the container doubles as the range control centre.

The CARiB builds upon the Combat Range in a Box (CRiB) capabilities to provide 10 heavy lifters with projectile location technology ideally suited for vehicle engagements using heavy weapons and precision marksmanship applications.

The system also supports the detection of rounds fired from air platforms to ground based targets to provide immediate feedback on shooting performance.