The ATS engineers are at the forefront of providing Range Operating Systems that are highly functional for the training of shooters.  ATS engineers can take a number of disassociated software systems such as Building Management, Range Booking and various Target Control Systems and combine them into a single user experience. 

Using the latest open source client server technology, the ATS software team have greatly enhanced the capability and functionality of range training. The engineers are extremely proficient with various database systems, C/C++, Aurelia and JavaScript on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, Macintosh and Embedded Systems. Our engineers specialise in the design and implementation of real-time based systems utilising multiple protocols such as XML, RCP, BACnet and Modbus. In order to achieve high efficiency in communications to mechanisms and targets, the engineers have developed sophisticated techniques in the management of communications transport protocols such as Serial, RS485, UHF, Ethernet and Wi-Fi

The ATS software services also range from project management, technical reviews, design, coding and implementation of software and on-site installation, commissioning and training.


ATS hardware engineers are responsible for the electronic board level design and embedded firmware development of microprocessor and Linux based single board computer hardware platforms, for the control of electro-mechanical actuators and pressure sensitive sensors.

ATS hardware engineers are involved in all facets of the life cycle development of advanced products, from conceptualisation based on user needs, to design, prototyping, making design production ready, through to commissioning, documentation and on-going customer support.  Analytical and theoretical models are constructed using computer simulation for the verification of user requirements and validation of electronic designs.

ATS hardware engineers are responsible for the integration of original equipment manufacturer devices into the world leading Advanced Range Operating System (AROS) and the ATS live fire training product line.