ATS uses the most advanced electro mechanical target systems in the world to deliver a fully integrated and unmatched array of targetry effects for small arms and combined arms training scenarios. All electro mechanical targetry is controlled by the world leading Advanced Range Operating System (AROS) software to easily enable realism, variety and flexibility in the range layout, as well as providing Projectile Location System (PLS) capabilities. Combat effects are easily incorporated into the mechanisms to provide shoot back effects for day and night practices.

Manufactured to the highest military specifications to withstand environmental extremes, ATS is able to design, install, operate and maintain a complete electro mechanical targetry solution that will deliver  enhanced capability and return on investment dividends for decades. ATS offers the following fixed and portable electro mechanical targetry capabilities:

  • Pop Up – single and multiple.
  • Turning – friend and foe – single and multiple.
  • Slicing and swinging.
  • lateral and oblique movers.
  • Come hither – overhead rail.
  • Rising – “bag man” fan based fast vertical riser.