The ATS approach to shooting is designed to build professional competence rather than simply qualifying participants in the use of a weapon. For training to be effective it must be relevant, challenging and enjoyable. ATS combat shooting is based on a world’s best practice methodology across four key areas:

  1. Operational shooting. Imbuing a system of weapon control based on a common principles approach that can be employed regardless of role or the operating environment.
  2. Teaching & training methodologies. Founded on an adult learning and mentoring approach that promotes professional mastery. Accelerated learning principles are applied to enable greater understanding, contextualisation and self-analysis.
  3. Reality based training & scenarios. Operational scenarios are routinely used to create a repertoire of realistic and appropriate responses that enable rapid adaption in actual operational environments.
  4. Technologies to enhance training. Leading edge electromechanical, rudimentary targetry and realistic Training Support Equipment (TSE) are all combined as part of the learning continuum to achieve enhanced capability outcomes in accelerated time frames.

Mentors. The heart of the ATS operational shooting capability is the ATS Shooting Mentor; contemporary shooting experts who have been hand selected based on their proven skill, knowledge and attitude.