Combat Range in A Box (CRiB)

The CRiB is the world’s most advanced deployable electronic range system with 20 twin turning target mechanisms capable of providing up to 40 concurrent target options with projectile location technology and can be arrayed in any configuration and distance from 7 metres to 600+ metres. Electronic targetry effects are further enhanced through the provision of custom target images designed to support progression of training and the use of realistic portable facades to create training complexity through environmental contextualisation.

The CRiB is based on a custom built and fully equipped 20- foot shipping container. The CRiB provides all the target and training equipment necessary to convert an austere live fire range, into a full spectrum and dynamic combat marksmanship training environment – without the usual infrastructure overhead and cost of more permanent facilities. Once positioned, the CRiB becomes a comfortable air-conditioned range control room, briefing centre and training equipment storage facility.

Shooting performance is instantly captured using the world leading Advanced Range Operating Systems (AROS) to display accuracy and engagement times to enable effective feedback to the firer via a graphic display or personal Wi-Fi device.

The CRiB is a true “out of the box” range capability!