October 4, 2018 djscanlon

The Requirement for Quality Systems

When You Aim for Perfection, You’ll Discover It’s a Moving Target.

The ATS catchphrase perfectly sums up the need for a comprehensive, business wide approach to quality.  Quality by its nature requires continual monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation to maintain its veracity.

To implement and acquire the formal quality accreditation to ISO 9001:2015, ATS has put in place policies and procedures for all functional areas of the business.  These are continually reviewed and revised to match the changing needs and requirements of the company, its products, services and processes.

While most business’s quality is visualised by the quality of its products and external provision of services, the end result of fully implemented, organisational quality management brings many benefits not seen externally.  These include benefits such as greater internal efficiencies, improved processes and systems, enhanced logistics management and simplification of integrating new employees into a growing organisation, just to name a few.