October 24, 2018 djscanlon

Technical Services – Heavy repair and rebuild

Life as a piece of Range Live Fire Targetry equipment can be a dangerous one, but with ATS Target Technicians on hand, even getting shot isn’t the end of the line.

A busy training period for the Australian Defence Force has resulted in some spectacular damage to targetry equipment. ATS Target Technicians have been busy reconstructing mechanisms that have been torn apart by mortar rounds that have landed a little too close; diagnosing and undertaking component level repair; reprogramming remote target controllers; as well as gearbox rebuilds, equipment rewiring, repairing holes, cracks and splits in case and housings – all caused by the inevitable wear and tear of live fire training.

Repairs are conducted inhouse in our specialised workshop by our trade qualified Fitters, Electricians and Electronics Technicians, to the high standards required by the OEM and customers alike.