January 30, 2019 djscanlon

On-Site Range Commissioning

ATS Software and Hardware Engineers are involved in every aspect of a live fire range project from original design, software development and hardware integration to installation, on-site testing, commissioning, training and official hand-over to the customer.

On-site range commissioning is an important aspect of the overall live fire range project. This is where ATS’ software and hardware engineers work alongside the ATS Target Technicians who make up the installation team to see first-hand the results of their hard work, while also getting their hands dirty in the field.

Our Engineers and Target Technicians gather invaluable experience during this phase of a project. They get to see how the end user engages with and uses the live fire targetry ATS has installed and they get to talk to the end users of the final system. This experience is an integral part of ATS’ cycle of continuous improvement and innovation.

Our products are installed all over the world in unique environments, so the international travel also provides the opportunity to experience a large variety of cultures.