May 4, 2020 djscanlon

GZR / MTR Development

The Grouping and Zeroing Range (GZR) and the Marksmanship Training Range (MTR) are a critical component in the training and preparation of soldiers / sailors / airmen, when developing their combat and marksmanship skills. The continual cycle of immersive Live Fire Training will instill confidence, experience and above all, accuracy, for an individual embarking on a career within the Profession of Arms.

Over the following weeks ATS will release a series of news stories that will outline the process pathway to produce a World Leading GZR / MTR Range.

The individual stories that will be outlined are:

  1. Design, costing and planning.
  2. Manufacture Fabrication.
  3. Equipment and inspections.
  4. Civil works and preparation.
  5. Decommissioning.
  6. Installation.
  7. Testing and Commissioning.
  8. On Site Acceptance Testing.
  9. Handover.
  10. Ongoing support.

As a wholly Australian owned and operated company our focus will always be on supporting Australian men and women for the challenges of operational environments in the most realistic and professional way we can. We focus on supporting Australians with Australians.

The coming weeks news stories are testament to Australians supporting Australians.

Founded by Ken Gillam, a veteran of the 2/12 Battalion, ATS continues to build on his tradition of innovation that he demonstrated through design and production of the Disappearing and Retaliatory Target (DART).  ATS’ new breed of engineers, technicians and project managers remain committed to evolving and designing solutions for training that are matched to the dynamic threat environment to do our bit, so that the men and women of the ADF are prepared to meet in the defence of the nation.