May 27, 2020 djscanlon

GZR / MTR Manufacture Fabrication

Detailed designs and planning will evolve into the manufacture, integration and fabrication of all system components (hardware / firmware / software) that constitute a GZR / MTR.  Prototypes – First Runs are critical to ensure that the accuracy and precision performance on the range are matched to the required training outcomes.

First Runs will be placed into a regimen where rigorous tests are be conducted to ensure that system function demonstrates the essential characteristics necessary to guarantee when production of the system commences it is exact in its performance.

A key aspect of this process is to engage local experts in respective fields and utilise their skill to produce a world class, adaptable and enduring quality product.

ATS prides itself on the ability to develop a Core Competency of the profession of arms whilst conforming to the rigorous standards of ISO9001:2015.