June 22, 2020 djscanlon

GZR / MTR Civil Works & Preparation

Range configuration planning will encompass the layout of the range power and communications links that are a critical subset of the project and raise a hazard that equates to a severe risk.

The risk is, there is the potential of electrocution from unidentified yet underground power sources being cut or interrupted that may not appear on older drawings, hence the approach to digging, ground penetration and trenching is taken with extreme caution to prevent any impact on staff or the project.

Consideration is also given to the protection of Power Supplies against the possible interruption of these supplies by rodents and water ingress.

Planning and attention to detail during this phase is as critical as other phases as there is the introduction of more hazards which include mobile machinery and unfamiliar persons with the project.

ATS are extremely focused on Safety and as such take the time to plan and evaluate each step of the project.