August 18, 2020 djscanlon

GZR / MTR Installation

Culminating in months of preparatory work, planning and manufacturing the installation process will commence on a timeline that meets the customers’ requirements. Installation Teams work concurrently on separate tasks across the range involving the 100 meter / 200 meter / 300 meter and 100 Movers to minimise range downtime and provide parallel effort that saves critical hours of work for the project.

Critical at each step of the installation process is attention to detail for power, communications, positioning, and critical infrastructure alignment work. While complexity dictates the key milestones for these tasks but ATS plans to achieve them across a three-week duration.

Of course, no construction task could be completed without effective logistics on site and in the lead up to the delivery of project milestones. ATS has a fully integrated Logistics support function that operates from its hub in Albury to provide these essential support tasks to jobs all around Australia and indeed overseas where ATS ranges are being installed every day.

ATS undertakes these project milestone tasks within an accredited ISO 9001 regime that ensure oversight and monitoring of the relevant safety standards and planning to ensure the step is completed on time against the project plan but importantly with safely and efficiently to the forefront of the endeavour.