August 31, 2020 djscanlon

GZR / MTR Testing & Commissioning

Testing and Commissioning is essential to demonstrate compliance with the customer’s needs. This application requires a disciplined approach along with a deep understanding of the context of employment. The system will ensure all components of the range (Advanced Range Operating System (AROS), Target Lifter’s, Projectile Location Systems (PLS), Intelligent Visual Display Units (IVDU), Lane Initiators, Moving Targets and communications sub-systems) are all functioning as required.

The requirements for the system are established early in the design phase and the training need of the customer drives this outcome.

For this range ATS demonstrated a capacity to conduct the Testing and Commissioning Shooting by supplying all required staff to support the tasks and in doing so was able to release dedicated Army resources normally required to conduct other essential tasks. Operating within an approved and endorsed framework these activities (which involved the application of live fire serials for the range) were conducted safely and effectively.

Successful completion the Testing and Commissioning phase is the springboard to the final step of the Onsite Acceptance Test and customer handover of the proven system.