October 29, 2020 djscanlon

ATS delivers Indoor range for Bob Atkinson Operational Capabilities Centre

For the past two years ATS has been engaged by the Queensland Police to design, develop, install and test the range precinct at the Bob Atkinson Operational Capabilities Centre. Over that time ATS has designed and delivered one of the most advanced indoor range facilities in the world.

ATS has provided the Technical and Physical Capabilities that provide Queensland Police entry level through to advanced shooting practices conducted in a safe and secure location.

Shooting Continuums form the fundamental basis of graduated steps that will ensure the competency of an individual who is required to carry firearms within a public domain whether in Australia or on Operational Service overseas. Ranges and Range Technology has sufficiently advanced to a state that provides, efficiency, accuracy and reliability for shooters to practice the basic “skill at arms” requirements.

The advent of the Projectile Location System (PLS) and Intelligent Visual Display Units (IVDU) during the 1970’s has provided efficiency in time and the accuracy required for long arms. The early PLS identified and plotted Super-Sonic Ammunition to within a two-millimetre margin of error. Until recently the use of handguns and sub-sonic ammunition natures on the same system proved to be more difficult.

The recent On-Site Acceptance Test of the Bob Atkinson Operational Capabilities Centre conducted by ATS Engineers demonstrated the capability of combining static, disappearing and reappearing targets with moving targets, that plot and highlight the fall of shot within millimetre accuracy. The key innovation provided by ATS and partner company Polytronic provides a shooter with the ability to transition from Rifle to Handgun, using both supersonic and subsonic ammunition, utilising the Projectile Location System (PLS) System to record accurately the fall of shot of both ammunition natures.

This innovation is the first Supersonic / Subsonic PLS System in existence and operation in Australia.

Queensland Police will be able to practice techniques whereby their abilities can be record, an individual debriefed thoroughly by their coaches and competency electronically measured for progression.

The successful delivery of the Bob Atkinson Operational Capabilities Centre is further testament to Australian State Government Agencies supporting niche market Australian business and Australian Industry Content.

To view ATS Queensland Police Range video CLICK HERE