December 14, 2020 djscanlon

On-Site Range Commissioning

On-site range commissioning provides a unique opportunity for ATS Software, Hardware and Technical Maintenance Engineers to see first-hand the results of their hard work while delivering pragmatic solutions to the user needs in the field.

Engineers are involved in every aspect of a project, from original design and development, to installation, integration, on-site testing, commissioning, training and official hand-over to the customer and ongoing system maintenance.

All our Engineers, Maintenance and Installation staff gather invaluable experience during the commissioning phase including seeing their design and development work functioning as planned culminating   with user events proving the range and commissioning it for use.

ATS have gained valuable experience through this process at ranges are all over the world where their hard work and dedication is tailored to unique environmental conditions and demanding user needs. This rewarding work also has the very human side effect of having our team experience a large variety of cultures and has built long-lasting trusted relationships with a global user base that has a history over many decades with many more to come.