August 24, 2021 djscanlon

ATS Product Innovation – The Deployable Bullet Trap (DBT)

The Deployable Bullet Trap (DBT) system comprises a rectangular steel design, enclosed on three sides optimised to contain the danger to firers from Projectile Splash, Fragmentation and Spall at standard engagement distances. It will also contain much of the harmful or hazardous material that can be a byproduct of using lead-based and or frangible projectiles at a firing range.

The DBT design enables the system to be employed in remote, austere field environment in any conditions that enable range shooting practices to be undertaken with minimal maintenance for many years of service. The design enables defensive zones within the system to have components that are replaceable further extending the life of the system after high usage activities that would normally degrade the systems service life.


CLICK HERE to view the DBT video demonstration.