April 12, 2018


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Through sponsorship ATS can access some of the best shooters in the world for testing, training and support activities. ATS sponsors NRA Action pistol shooters Mark Blake, Cherie Blake and Jackson Burns who all placed first in the Australian championships in Nov 2017 – male, female and junior. Cherie Blake had a very successful year, wining the Ladies Bianchi Championship in Columbia MO USA in May 2017, which was featured in Shooting Sports USA. Cherie was
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The NSW Defence Industry Award was in recognition of ATS’ supply of products and services to the world’s largest range project. The project recognises ATS’ experience, dating back to the 1950’s, in delivering world leading realistic and immersive live fire training solutions. ATS’ success has been built on an end user focus and a relentless pursuit of excellence to continually innovate and deliver realistic targetry effects, leading edge range designs and enhanced range management solutions.
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